Friday, 14 October 2011

Back again

Well, where have I been and what have I been doing since I last visited my blog?

A whole load of things and some probably too profound to explain and share via this vehicle, but a story that will be told.....

So, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy at the beginning of the year which in itself lead to a whole chain of events that have changed me for good.

Life is funny.

Sometimes you may think you're ok, but actually when you find the time to stop, or in my case when you are forced to stop and look at where you are and what you are doing, only then can you see where flaws lie. I think I was in a serious bit of funk for a long while, though so embroiled in the continuous speed, routine, stress and endless demands that life puts on us, I didn't even have the time to realise it!

Spiralling weight, tiredness and a constant put upon feeling simply became the norm and I must have been in a bit of a slow and steady decline. The whole early post-birth experience was an additional shock to the system, which lead to a point where my mind must have simply 'popped' and said "right that's enough - time to shutdown". My usual 'super' self suddenly became a struggle and I literally felt as if I was losing my sanity. Thankfully, with the support of my nearest and dearest, I was able to rise up again with the added awareness that I had been in a very funny place for a very long time and only now was it that I was beginning to live again. Properly.

Sleep deprivation especially is a real problem and can have so many ill effects on the body. If you take on anything from this post, please keep in mind that adequate sleep is so important for normal and healthy function. Without it we simply become dysfunctional. It's a serious thing, one which was really exemplified during the early days dealing with the new baby. For all the new mums and dads out there, please do everything you can to get those required hours of sleep in, it's really hard but so important!

When change is needed, we all need to let go of all our fears associated with leaving that comfort zone. Sometimes we may make excuses and may not even realise that the only hindrance is yourself and that without that, anything is possible. Break free people, the sky's the limit!

In terms of my hair story, or rather the sisterlocks journey, I have to report that it have come to a rather abrupt end! For the second time I experienced hairline hairloss post-partum, but this time it was a bit more pronounced and with having locs, a lot more noticeable and I got fed up of trying to conceal it as more and more of my locs started popping out to play elsewhere further and further back from my hairline!

I have to say though, it is definitely not all doom and gloom as you might think and actually my new short 'loc-less' do is probably something I should have tried years ago!! This do I am now sporting is the shizzle and I have not experienced a single bad hair day yet.

Plus, it allows me the ultimate in time-saving every morning as I spend the minimal amount of time even just thinking about my hair. A little bit of product maybe, a quick brush and I'm good to go!! Plus, no more annoying retightening!!! That shizzle was getting on my nerves big time!!

We'll see how it all goes. For the moment I'm loving my short, short hairdo. Will I re-loc? Who knows, we'll see. For the moment I'm un-sisterlocked and loving it, though I loved my locs while they lasted. I even have some preserved in a plastic food bag for posterity!

I suppose this post marks the end of the sisterlocks journey, which has been varied and has lead to many revelations, learning and change, but also marks the start of a new journey towards a better whole, vibrant and transformed mind, body and spirit. Watch this space for future sharing....


  1. Wow! Congrats on your baby! Seems like you've been through a lot. You look cute with your new look.

  2. Thank you Anthia-ofo! I have been on a bit of a journey to say the least, but now a lot stronger and wiser. Wow to you! You've grown a lot more hair! So lovely you've been able to maintain a really healthy head of locs. I was kinda forced to try something new, though loving it all the same (especially not having to reti!!). I would never even have considered such a chop otherwise. Men with their short crops don't know how easy they have it!!

  3. So good to hear from you!
    Had wondered what happened to you ( and baby etc); and was happy to run into your daughter! I'm glad you're ok and have 'overcome' your trials :) Here's wishing you all the best for the future! Xx

  4. Aw, Bajan Lily thank you! It was a seriously 'interesting' period of time! Feeling really different for the better now.
    I have to say your posts really helped me when it came to doing the big, big chop! Thanks so much for sharing. xxx

  5. Oh my, I'm seriously behind the eight ball! Congratulations on your new addition!!

    It's me, msfullroller. I've moved the blog and changed the name as well.